[story] the rooftop dancer-part 1; crossroad


unforgettable moments with my student. never my “little” students were so excited.

This dream started when I got a chance to have cultural internship in Omsk, Russia. I went there alone to taste amazing adventure on my very first winter, imagine my excitement back then. Not all people was given a chance to teach English for Elementary, Junior and Senior high school students as well as became an youth ambassador and  guest speaker at Russian television, twice. Huge opportunity to do cultural awareness campaign and introduce Indonesian culture throughout Russia. Too bad I didn’t have chance to visit Indonesian embassy that time.


filming process for youth TV program

After weeks, I realized that the more I was trying to know about Indonesian culture, I was falling in love with Indonesia even more. Especially when I was alone and away from home, those longing felt even more meaningful. Even to teach simple English, invited new games,  helped teacher taught English effectively, taught them Indonesian traditional music, songs, games, Indonesian traditional ceremony, even Indonesian language and traditional cloth, and so on. The only thing missing was the dancing. In some moments when I shared about Indonesian traditional dancing, I could see how much Continue reading


[curhat] memories

some memories I wish I wont forget... well...we dont really 'freeze' gloomy moments, dont we?

some memories I wish I wont forget… well…we dont really ‘freeze’ gloomy moments, dont we?

There’s something I begin to believe now… I wanna try life my life carrying all the memories with me. Even if those memories are painful, even those memories I sometime wish I can forget….even if it did nothing but hurt me,.. I want to Continue reading


[Info] ITB, Indonesia and NTUST, Taiwan Scholarship Available

To those who seek the scholarship to continue their master degree in my former university; ITB (Institut Teknologi Bandung), Indonesia and NTUST (National Taiwan Univeristy of Sciene and Technology)Taiwan. You may look up this website. There’s pretty comprehensive information for both admission and scholarship available.

1. NTUST (National Taiwan Univeristy of Sciene and Technology)Taiwan, admission and Scholarship

NTUST web 1 Continue reading


[hobby] The Alchemist; Introduction


“The mere possibility of getting what we want fills the soul of the ordinary person with guilt. We look around at all those who have failed to get what they want and feel that we do not deserve to get what we want either. We forget about all the obstacles we overcame, all the suffering we endured, all the things we had to give up in order to get this far.”

Years ago, I got this book as a present. It took me almost 4 years to finally I read it this afternoon. “i wish for some inspiration” I said. So I randomly picked a book to accompany my afternoon tea. Glad it’s The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho. If you wish for some wisdom and inspiration,this book worth to read for sure.  Here’s the introduction of the book as its 10th anniversary edition. I thought, I should share it to you, all.

English version copyright © 1993 by Paulo Coelho and Alan R. Clarke Prologue translation copyrigt  ©  1998 by Harper Collins Publishers Illustrations by Rodica Prato. Continue reading


[thought] a timeline -part 2 (final)-

Inspired by timeline review on FB, I came up with such idea, why don’t I share some status which is really meaningful for me over the year, 2013. Maybe, it can inspire you too :). It’s more than just a word, it’s a feeling captured from time to time. Oh ya, please feel free to give me feedback for English as well as the content.


29 May

If you see someone’s life is too perfect, you should take a look more closely to see their deepest pain, and since “the distance” keep them away by living in ‘completely different world’…, so that everyone wont be easy  Continue reading


[thought] a timeline -part 1-

Inspired by timeline review on FB, I came up with such idea, why don’t I share some status which is really meaningful for me over the year, 2013. Maybe, it can inspire you too :). It’s more than just a word, it’s a feeling captured from time to time. Oh ya, please feel free to give me feedback for the English as well as the content.



6 December

When someone hurt u in ways that irritate you so much, feel the anger that drive you for ‘revenge’, won’t stop u until they’re suffer the way you do, or more. Until you find sometin you call justice in you description, or prove then you’re greater. Well, revenge and anger like a poison you take and wishing other is goin to die. Even if you ‘finally’ do that, there’s sometin you wont ever find… Continue reading


[thought] limit and realization

Today I canceled my appointment that I made for a long time. To be honest, this unexpected situation made the reason was just liked a small thing, but actually at the last moment, It made me realize that it wasn’t the place I feel to belong with…

After few steps back, I sat in front of the IB (International Building) alone, not so much people there. There wasn’t crowd-puller or euphoria because of graduation anymore. It was just me and bizarre wind. The question was “why did I do this?”, Continue reading


[story] adventures in russia-Part 4: the platskartny-hallo Omsk!

5. Be a platskartny (3rd class) passenger

lovely kids I met at platskartny

By being a platskartny, or sometimes also called zhyostky (‘hard class’) become unforgettable moment for me to meet ordinary Russian. At the train I met three children who accompanied me during my journey.Their mother really takes care of me, though she isn’t smile a lot but I can feel that she’s care.  Honestly I don’t remember their names, kinda hard for me to remember it at first. But I remember one of the little girls from another platskartny accompanied me, the one who really close to me that time. Her name is Anita. Won’t ever forget this little girl, I like her very much. Continue reading


[story] adventures in russia-Part 3: The journey to reach Omsk

4. Finding the Right Train

Waiting Room at Novosibirsk Railway Station

I realize the path I took to the Omsk was a bit dangerous, especially when you are not able to communicate with others, no sign in English you can follow, and rarely, you find someone who can help you. This was happened to me when I was trying to seek help in Novosibirsk train station. As I don’t know how to read my ticket and where I should go to reach the Peron, I asked an old officer lady many times, and she was keep speaking in Russia a bit angry I guess because I didn’t understand at all what she was talking about and I was keep asking and asking. So I stopped and went back to the waiting room. Continue reading


[story] adventures in russia-Part 2: Unpredictable situations, take a high risk

3. Unpredictable situations, take a high risk


After I landed at Novosibirsk, Russia, the first thing pop up in my mind was I needed to change my money to ruble right away and took a bus into the Omsk rail station. It was a bit hard to find signs in English here, even in the airport also a bit hard to seek for help since many people don’t speak English. But after a moment, somehow I could found the only one money changer in the airport. And you know what, I can’t change my money! Not even one dollar. Aaaaarrrhh!. They only serve dollar or euro to be changed into rubble. Continue reading


[story] adventures in russia-Part 1: Unforgettable ways to reach you, Russia

1. God! I almost missed the plane!


This is the story when I begin my journey to get a life changing experiences. I got an internship to teach children and share about my culture in Omsk, Russia, which is hasn’t started yet by the time I wrote this. You know what, this is just a begin for my unforgettable adventures here, in Russia. Continue reading


[curhat] Sebuah keputusan besar –part 4: from Taiwan, with love.

Banyak sekali jalan yang bisa ditempuh untuk mendapatkan kesempatan study abroad. Kali ini saya akan menceritakan kisah untuk bisa mendapatkan scholarsip lewat jalur yang bisa dibilang ‘semi formal’. Sedikit berbeda dengan beasiswa MEXT yang saya ceritakan sebelumnya, beasiswa ini saya dapatkan karena memang sang professor yang mencarikan dan memberikannya.

 6. Bertemu dengan professor dari Taiwan

Sedikit kembali ke masalalu, setelah saya merasakan kegagalan saat apply beasiswa INPEX 2010 saya pun mulai lebih jeli melihat peluang study abroad yang lainnya. Continue reading


[curhat] Sebuah keputusan besar –part 3: Beasiswa Mombukagakusho (MEXT) research student

5.       Beasiswa Mombukagakusho (MEXT); research student.

Dikarenakan Jepang merupakan salah satu negara yang menjadi target favorit oleh para pencari beasiswa, mendapatkan Scholarship ke negara ini bukanlah hal yang mudah. Proses mendapatkan beasiswa ini dilalui dengan tahapan yang lumayan panjang.  Beasiswa yang saya ikuti untuk bisa bersekolah ke negara ini adalah beasiswa MEXT (Mombukagakusho ) yang diberikan antar pemerintah untuk kategori research student. Dalam program ini, kita tidak hanya bersaing antar sesama pelamar S2 namun juga bersaing dengan pelamar S3 secara nasional dan internasional. Beasiswa kategori research student ini terdiri dari 2 jenis, yaitu U to U (university to university) dan G to G (government to government). Saya sendiri mengambil jalur G to G atas dasar saran yang diberikan oleh kedua professor saya di Jepang.  berikut adalah tahapan proses seleksi G to G yang saya jalani Continue reading


[Kisah] Sebuah keputusan besar –part 2: Sebuah harapan dari negeri sakura

2. Bertemu dengan professor dari Jepang

Di tengah proses saya belajar berbahsa inggris, saya juga belajar untuk bisa lebih percaya diri dalam berkomunikasi. Dengan kemampuan bahasa innggris saya yang paspasan, bisa dibilang saat itu saya ‘nekat’ untuk mendatangi seminar internasional dari salah seorang professor fisika, Osaka Univ, prof. Y.Nozue. Seminar internasional ini diselenggarakan oleh departemen Fisika, FMIPA ITB, yang memang rutin menyelenggarakan seminar internasional secara bergilir dengan jurusan science di departemen FMIPA yang lainnya. Hal yang menarik saya untuk mendatangi seminar ini adalah materi presentasi yang memiliki objek penelitian yang sama dengan tema TA yang saya lakukan, yaitu Zeolit.

Continue reading


[Kisah] Sebuah keputusan besar –part1 : The background

my dad when he was in Adelaide

Bisa bersekolah ke luar negeri merupakan salah satu impian yang banyak dimiliki oleh setiap orang. Namun bagaimana cara dan ikhtiar untuk bisa mewujudkannya adalah hal yang membuat setiap orang menjalaninya dengan berbeda. Selain mendapatkan kesempatan untuk mempelajari kebudayaan, kultur, ilmu, dan wawasan baru di negeri orang, kesempatan ini juga memungkinkan kita untuk bisa berjalan jalan dan melihat sisi yang lain dari negara yang kita kunjungi. Selain itu, hal yang mungkin mempengaruhi ketertarikan untuk bisa bersekolah ke luar negeri dan banyak di frame-kan oleh masyarakat adalah gengsi. Continue reading


[curhat] my “next” family –part1

Iseng iseng sebenernya. Entah kenapa tiba tiba ingin menulis mengenai keluarga karena tidak bisa tidur semalaman.hehe. Kalau orang kebanyakan mungkin akan menceritakan mengani keluarga yang sudah mereka miliki, saya justru ingin menulis tentang keluarga yang belum saya miliki, atau lebih tepatnya ingin saya wujudkan jika memilikinya nanti. Yap, setiap orang pasti memiliki versinya masing masing dan inilah versi saya.

  1. Edu Corner

perpustakaan kecil di kamar

Rumah rasanya kurang afdol jika tidak ada tawa anak anak didalamnya. Jika nanti saya memilikinya, saya sangat ingin menamai anak-anak saya dengan nama nama bintang. Jika mereka mulai mengerti, maka hal pertama yang ingin saya ajarkan kepada mereka adalah “bahwa belajar itu menyenangkan”. Saya ingin mereka mencintai ilmu bukan hanya sebagai sebuah kewajiban, tapi juga kebutuhan untuk kian mendekatkan diri padaNya. Itulah kenapa saya ingin membuatkan perpustakaan yang beeesaaaar untuk mereka. Continue reading


[hikmah] Sebuah kerinduan

Ketauhilah kawan, setiap kesempatan belajar yang kita miliki sangatlah berharga.

Bisa dibilang, mendapat kesempatan untuk bisa berkuliah di ITB adalah salah satu hal yang saya syukuri dalam kehidupan ini. Meski hal tersebut baru benar benar saya sadari saat saya hampir menyelesaikan masa studi saya disana, namun saya rasa, saya masih bisa melakukan sesuatu untuk bisa menebus kesadaran yang terlambat tersebut. Salah satu cara yang bisa saya lakukan adalah dengan belajar sebaik mungkin, berkawan sebaik mungkin, dan mengembangkan diri sebaik mungkin dimanapun saya bisa mendapatkan kesempatan beraktifitas saat ini.

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