Our lovely conversation class


My lovely Friends


I wrote this as reflection of our memories together. Memories of friendship, happiness, and silliness as well. Since we only have a couple days left before our examination and also our farewell, I just want to express how happy I am to be your friend in our lovely conversation class.

There’s something I realized during this course with you, Guys. The lesson is more fun when we find someone who has the same desire to study. We have a partner who we share enjoyable things with and also makes us feel comfortable even when we make mistakes. It isn’t like you have an opponent who is stuck in a race with you for being greedy to come first, It’s more like you have partners who accompany you, struggling together with a lot of laughter, happiness, and also understanding.


These memories start with Melanie, our conversation teacher. She come from England. In my eyes,  She isn’t just a native speaker who tries to teach us the way we must speak English correctly. She became truly teacher that always tries to make us understand how English works more than I can express. I love the way she teaches us. Even though sometimes I am scared of her, hehe, She can always be our friend and also our teacher that we respect. Thank you Mel, for making us really love studying English, especially for me of course. And most important of all, thank you for making us understand how it works. Even though I barely know it yet now, I hope it is a good beginning for the future.

Then the rest of the memories are filled with you, guys.



Roy. Our Big boss and also our mascot because He has the funniest facial expressions and also comments which make us laugh for no reason. Mel often teases him because of this. We know He has “a soulmate”. His name is Iki who we thought was married man with a little daughter. I can’t stop laughing when I remember that.hahaha. Iki is our photographer.  Wherever you find Iki you can find Roy as well. Same like Roy, He studied at Padjajaran University.



Sefri is the coolest man in our class.He is studying Computer Engineering in Polban. He is the one who started our misunderstanding about Iki as married man. After that, we always call “Sefri” when we  misunderstand other things. The last man is Adit who wants to study abroad in Australia. He graduated from Unpar university last year. Even though he does’t talk too much,  He can give us important words when He is speaking.  But sometimes, He says unnecessary things that make us laugh.



Then my memories float to Casya, my first friend in our conversation class. She has just graduated from Pajajaran University, majoring in Agriculture. She is funny and also kind. She often breaks the silence with her comments. Roy called her “weird” jus like I did. Mel often glances at her when she hears her speaking Bahasa in our class.

Yuppi is the one who comes very late sometimes. She is studying Law in Pajajaran University. I often ask her to drive me home after the class. I hope she will be a good judge someday and Armel too who studies law as well.  Armel is more like “mother” for us. She usually arranges our occasion get togethers. When she calls us, It usually works, but sometimes it doesn’t. We spend time with just chatting sometimes.



Fristy. She is also studying in Padjajaran University just like Casya, Roy, Iki,  Armel and Yupi. She doesn’t talk too much in our class but don’t misjudge her. She can speak Japanese  better than all of us. Even than me who has just begun studying Japanese as my 3rd language.

We also have three women who stick together in our class. They are studying in UPI. Their names are Adinda, Neneng, and Putie. Adinda is like head for three of them. She is crazy about Koran things, movies, and also stars. Wherever you find Adinda you also find Neneng and Putie who have strong sundanese accents.

There are some of my memories of our time together. I can’t expound all of them, I’ve just written afew here. Even so, there so many good times we had in our conversation class. Even though we come from different campus and have so many different backgrounds, we complete each other. From now on, I want to improve my English even more, so I can see the world and make other friendships like ours.

This is the most enjoyable English class I have ever had in my life. Thank you friends, for our precious time together.

At the beginning of January 2010

With Love,

Andriana Polisenawati

*) special thx to Mel who read and found many gramatical errors in this article before its published. hehe 😀


13 thoughts on “Our lovely conversation class

  1. Anna you know me so well hhe, i used to come late (i mean i use to come late:p). i’ll miss when mel say “good morning” whenever i come late.

    Thank for your wish anna, i hope you’ll succed to reach your dream. Nice to know such a lovely friend like you and all of you guys. i wish we can meet in our next class.
    Just keep in touch okay.

    before our farewell ( i hope it’s not a farewell) and before i go to sumedang, let’s hang out together !! 😉


  2. @ uchi

    well…we must be better each day, mustn’t we?
    oh maksudnya di link ituh d blogroll ya chi?
    insya allah 🙂

  3. What a wonderful writing. I will keep this “From now on, I want to improve my English even more, so I can see the world” in my mind for my own motivation.

  4. @ dody
    he..we both know that Ur Eng is better than me. beside, now U’re mastering French,aren’t U? so.. I’m the one who should learn from U about the motivation. 😛

  5. woooo, anaaaaa,ur english comes better and better and better :D.i’m happy for u, dear.seems like u are ready to go to abroad soon 😀 khekheke

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