My “Used to do”

Guys, I wrote this for practicing my English. By reading this article, maybe it would practice your English too. Please feel free to tell me if there’s any mistake in my article, okay?

There are several habits that I used to do when I was in college. In the past few days, I am started missing those back in my life. I began to realize that my habits lead me to some kind of passion which I feel lost now. Maybe by writing it again, it’ll help me to bring those passion back in my life. Here are my “used to”:

1.       I used to write my lists for remembering every assignment or task that has to be done in detail

I have a note, the small one. I always bring it everywhere I go. I listed all my appointments, my assignments, the places that I want or I have to visit, important dates and also my dreams. Even for small things like ironing or washing my clothes, I put it in my list. It helps me remembering things or matters that have to be done.  It trains me to be more responsible for my promises, responsible for my responsibility related to myself or others, responsible for punctuality and devotion more seriously. It also trains me to manage my time effectively. Every time I saw my list, it gaves me passion and challenge to finish all the matters so I could drew a long line through my lists one by one. What a surprise that a little effort by listing and pursuing what is on your mind, what things that have to be done, what dreams that you want to realize can teach you so many things. I miss my long list… T.T

2.       I used to prepare my things at night

I used to prepare and pack my things at night before I went to the bed and make sure that everything I need was on my bag or on places I can reach easily. It really helps me more well-prepared to do my activities in a day. I could go to campus or other places more early without a rush. Preparing my things more early also kept me from being late and kept me from the stress when facing my days. That is the biggest different that I couldn’t find now. Again, it just began from a small thing with preparing yourself more early.

3.       I used to have passion by asking to my lecturers

Suddenly, sadness comes to my heart when I tried to remember some other things which I left behind. Especially for this one, I felt sorry for myself. When I was a senior, especially when I was performing my final research, I used to come to several lecturers for asking questions about something that I want to know related to my study of course. I still came and looked for them even though I didn’t know or saw them before. They came from many different majors and different fields such as materials, organic physics, mathematics, physics, anorganic, organic, analytic, chemical engineering, and also engineering physics, even for literature, humanity and psychology. I really enjoy having discussion with them. Some of them told me, ”Anna, don’t forget to study.”, but I didn’t keep studying, that’s why I started to forget them. The truth is, what was lost from this old habit isn’t the time for me to see my lecturers, but my passion to pursue their knowledge, my passion to study, and my passion to get the answers of my questions in many ways. Without notice, I began to be ashamed asking them something I don’t know. God.. I really miss those passions. May You give me one more chance to feel it again…

4.       I used to spend my time in library

When I was a senior in ITB, library was my favorite place. I spent my free time after the class or after my other activities there. I was there for reading, browsing, and also sleeping. Hehe. My favorite books are collections of the painting and photos around the world. It gives me desire to see it directly. It doesn’t mean that you can get along with some other friends when you spend your time in the library. You still can have a time with your friends and also increase your knowledge by studying there. You can ask them to accompany you in the library, can’t you? Maybe most of them would think that is boring. All you need is just to show them it’s interesting.

Sadly, now, rarely could I spend my free time for reading in the library again. My activities are hardly allow me to get a free time. I am always in a rush for everything. For my jobs which I’m caring now, everything seems going wrong and I barely feel satisfy with myself. Maybe it’s not only because I rarely spend my free time with reading in the library or park but also because I leave my old good habits. When I wrote this, suddenly, the sadness came to my heart. It said, “Anna, you used to do something good, so why did you leave those good habits?”

5. I used to write article for my blog regularly

I think writing is a good point for expressing yourself in a manner ways. It can helps you express your feeling and also your point of view about the world. You can share it with anyone, anywhere or anytime you want. But above all, writing can helps you to remember something or anything that you have written in your life such as your feeling about love, sadness, happiness, friendship, your memories, your dreams, and many more. When you read it again, suddenly all of the memories come through your mind again. You can feel the feeling. You can remember things you used to be doing in past and maybe you can find your dream which you have forgotten for a long time. Trying to find again my dream in my writing is what I am doing now.

6.      I used to devote myself in students affair and organizations

Since I was in elementary, I have been followed several organizations such as scout, OSIS, student assembly, junior Red Cross and other organizations. Organization is like my bloodstream in my body and it is also being a part of myself. When I was a freshman in my college, I followed several organizations. The most impressive moment when I became a part of BITS (IT bulletin on my campus). Even though I had no experience related to IT or journalism at that time, not even once, I still enjoyed my duty to make this bulletin as the one and the best IT bulletin in ITB. I learned most about hard work, loyalty, patience, and sacrifice. learning to communicate with others and face problems that must be solved quickly with the right ways, it trains you to be better person. Especially when you are managing them to reach the goal, it gives you more reasons to be more responsible. You are not only thinking about you and yourself, but also thinking of others who are need you. At least, it’s teaching you to try harder to give something valuable for others without compliment. Those are what I really miss now…, “The lessons.”

7.      I used to spell, “Dear my Lord, I hope what I am doing now will take us closer”

Maybe this is the sadness part I wrote in this article. Ya, I used to pray and hoping what I am doing now will take us (me and my Lord) closer each time. I pray before began to do something even for the small things like open my book, write my notes, sit in the class, leaving my home and even before ironing my clothes. Now I just remember to pray in several times such as before start for studying, before and after eating or before doing some exams. It doesn’t mean that they are unimportant, but the point is… I feel that I am remembering Him in several parts of my live and forgetting Him at the same time. Maybe that would explain why I always feel lonely when I’m doing something, never really thought about something I really wanted in my life, and even couldn’t have passion to pursue something that I really wanted. How could I pursue it? I event don’t know what the purpose is. Because of this emptiness, I always feel alone and lost. Now I’ll try harder to bring this “used to” back in my life again.

Everybody needs to improve their quality of live each day focusing to what that’s happening now, let the past be and pursue the better future. But sometimes, when you look in the past and see it closely, you still can learn about it. For me, remembering past doesn’t mean that you must forget and let it go. Seeing your past wisely, you still can find something valuable from it such as learn from what was missing or learn to make something right from what was wrong before.

Those are “used to” that I try to bring back again in my life. How about yours?



One thought on “My “Used to do”

  1. Ass. Ana,

    I hope that Idul Fitri holiday were good for you and family.

    Minal aaizin wal fa izzin

    Thanks and regards,


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