[HW] My life in past five years

Another HW given by Mel.

My life in past five years

Many things have happened in my life in the past few years. Some things about me are different some remain the same. One thing that has remained the same is my interest in Journalism. I still write articles and notes on my blog or facebook at least once a month and attend events related to literature and art as well. It really helps me to relieve my stress, encourages me to be a better person and gives me opportunities to learn together with others.

On the other hand, big differences also happened in my life in the past few years. The biggest change is my English language skills which have a dramatic improvement in recent months. One year ago, my English was terribly poor. I even didn’t know that “did, was, were” are exist in English.

Suddenly, 6 months ago, on November 2010, I fell in love with English and have a big desire to master it. For that reasons, I am taking many English courses in BLCI and also participating in several English clubs. Even though I barely know English and am not able to understand it well, I have much more confidence to use English than five years ago. In addition, I also have much more tendency to study now than when I was a freshman in ITB five years ago. Now, I always try to devote myself while I am studying and keep my assignments related to my study in well-organized ways so I could gain the good achievement conforming to my effort.

Another big difference is my awareness about my health.  After my friend explained to me about the importance of keeping our body healthy and illustrated several risks of an unhealthy life style, it made me scared. So, I started to do swimming and jogging once a week to stay healthy. I also eat vegetables instead of meat and prefer to drink water and juice than carbonated drinks.

To sum up, I feel there are more differences than similarities in my life now and five years ago. Those differences really have a big influence in my daily life style.

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