[story] adventures in russia-Part 4: the platskartny-hallo Omsk!

5. Be a platskartny (3rd class) passenger

lovely kids I met at platskartny

By being a platskartny, or sometimes also called zhyostky (‘hard class’) become unforgettable moment for me to meet ordinary Russian. At the train I met three children who accompanied me during my journey.Their mother really takes care of me, though she isn’t smile a lot but I can feel that she’s care.  Honestly I don’t remember their names, kinda hard for me to remember it at first. But I remember one of the little girls from another platskartny accompanied me, the one who really close to me that time. Her name is Anita. Won’t ever forget this little girl, I like her very much.

lovely Anita, with her doll and my coat. slept at my seat.

really like this little girl

She just really likes to smile at me and played doll with me. Sometimes, she was just wearing my coat and sleeping at my seat, touched my cheek as she know that I’m as “chubby” as her. Hehe. Her parents are also really kind. They asked me whether I wanted to eat a noodle or not. With a humble I refused.

During my journey to Omsk, really gave me a time to thinking. To learn from what I’ve been going through. I realize that every step I took must be has a risk. But I could make it so far. For me, it’s not only because of my effort, but also because there’re people who are willing to keep praying for me, they’re also good people who don’t mind to help me.  And I believe, this is one of His ways to teach His slave, I’m really grateful that He protected me during my journey. He is the one who own every people heart and made them gave their hands to help.

holy Qur'an

I believe, there’s always easiness along difficulty.  Just like what Allah ensure us. My friend advised me that Allah never said that life is easy, but He promises to be by your side in every step you take. I was praying during my journey. Tears in silence. If you thought it was because of I was really sad and afraid, the answer is definitely no. by that time I fell really grateful to Him for difficulties and easiness I had during my journey. It grows me a lot. And somehow it  really touched me.

Thank you Lord…For giving me many lesson even for the beginning of my journey.

Omsk Train Station

The time passed so fast, almost midnight. Anita and other kids I met slept really tight. I want to give them a kiss at their head for good bye… but I didn’t want to wake them up. My wish…“be a good boy”, I whispered. Maybe I won’t be able to meet them again, who know. Even so, their kindness will remind in my heart forever, every people who are willing to give me their warm hand to me during my journey. Sometimes, you met someone who helped you only once. Sometimes, you even don’t have any chance to reply their kindness, or even to say thank you properly. Even so, you still can do something. Cherish every moment you have by being grateful, in sadness and in happiness.  Give your hand to people who need you, and let those experiences grow you, so you can inspire people around you to do the same.

I finally arrived at Omsk. Right after I get off from the train there were a beautiful woman and handsome man, waiting for me. She said “ andriana polisenawati”.  Out laud I call my friend name who communicate with me that time, I thought it was her. But later I knew that they were my Host family. They name is Tanya and Dima. I was extremely happy that someone picked me up there. Since it was quite late and really cold, in hurry they brought me to the car and gave me a warm cloth right away.

To be honest, I felt really relieve that I could make it save. I couldn’t stop praise Allah for what I had been going through. and the adventure I had in Omsk finally begun.

Welcome Omsk!!


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