[thought] a timeline -part 1-

Inspired by timeline review on FB, I came up with such idea, why don’t I share some status which is really meaningful for me over the year, 2013. Maybe, it can inspire you too :). It’s more than just a word, it’s a feeling captured from time to time. Oh ya, please feel free to give me feedback for the English as well as the content.



6 December

When someone hurt u in ways that irritate you so much, feel the anger that drive you for ‘revenge’, won’t stop u until they’re suffer the way you do, or more. Until you find sometin you call justice in you description, or prove then you’re greater. Well, revenge and anger like a poison you take and wishing other is goin to die. Even if you ‘finally’ do that, there’s sometin you wont ever find… a peaceful in your heart to deal with yourself and a peaceful life in ways we choose to live our life. There’s is a time when you won’t be able to “meet” them again, even for seeking forgiveness; you’re groin old and dying eventually. So… would you still fill your heart with anger, trauma and revenge?… You’re the one who can heal it, at least givin you best try… -Sangbintang-


2 December

Money and achievements, career and prestige, sound so admirable for some people, guess there’s something more than that…., a peaceful life, from a grateful heart…many people seek, few who find it. -Sangbintang-


17 November

You can’t live your life for other people. You’ve got to do what’s right for you as you choose for your spouse and work which are gonna fill large part of your life. Believe you worth sometin in life… Have, a lil faith. -Sangbintang-



23 September

it doesn’t really matter how others will value you for what you’re doing. if you’re doin it right and sincerely doin it from your heart… you can start by value yourself first. Keep living, keep on dreaming, keep dare to be different. Don’t let noise from other people steer you. This is your life, you’re the one who decide, one who responsible. -Sangbintang-



10 September

Good time played with water in big fountain in Taipei city hall, just went with local people there.Sometimes you just need to set yourself free and go along with unexpected experience -Sangbintang-


Copyright © 2013 National Taiwan University of Science and Technology. All rights reserved.

Copyright © 2013 National Taiwan University of Science and Technology. All rights reserved.

Copyright © 2013 National Taiwan University of Science and Technology. All rights reserved.

Copyright © 2013 National Taiwan University of Science and Technology. All rights reserved.

5 September

well, guess my face will be on university advertising soon :p.Copyright © 2013 National Taiwan University of Science and Technology. All rights reserved.-Sangbintang-



18 August

It’s just me. enjoying the differences. ha ha. whichever sides you see, let no one takes who you really are. -Sangbintang-


934670_10151773937901306_566520243_n (1)

14 August

Coz you’re more than what you thought you could be or what people JUDGE about you. Hey! I did it my pal! a solo traveling for days. It was splendid! Indeed. Addicted for more. . Thx for the courage and inspiration, buddies. ; Augusta Adha Chaniago, Ady Saputra and Dias Fahmi Fajrin. –from one of my fav backpacker time- – Sangbintang-


8 August

Thought lost something or someone really precious, things you treasure wholeheartedly the whole time. Who knows He replaces your lost and sorrow with something even better, things you need not you want. open ur eyes, take a look closer. they’re right beside you already. after you realize you’ll be even more grateful. just give some time to understand, to accept, to let go… -trying best  – — feeling better. -Sangbintang-



3 August

Our friendship is much more beautiful and amazing than everyone ever thought,… though no one believe it, many just doubt it, and not less who mock it. some even say “dont get along and better stay away or ure gonna get into trouble”, but only then… you can see ur friend clearly  and have a friend who’s willing to stand with you no matter what. A friend not all people’re lucky enough to have it,…-Sangbintang-


223018_10151732112661306_782942933_n (1)

25 July

If most of people welcome their new degree in a room after the viva, then not for me. I wanna set it free and stand under the rainbow. Finally said “ Yeah!!! alhamdulillah, I made it!!”. Welcoming the new chapter, new adventures, new responsibility. It feels like all the hardship, patience, curiosity, bitterness, happiness, what I’ve been doin for 2 years, are just paid off one hour to go. Thank you for my beloved parents and family, all the professors, colleagues and amazing friends who makes me strong more than I ever think I could be. Wish to make you all proud. . From the new born, Andriana Polisenawati M.Sc. -Rainbow brigde, NTUST IB Building, right after the viva -Sangbintang-


Pic by Deni Danial Kesa. Editing by me

Pic by Deni Danial Kesa. Editing by me

 23 July

How do you think?. A book cover i made in quite a late night while preparing my viva. Always have a nice wild dream to be an author. Who knows would be my book someday. People know me more as ” Anna Estrela : #1 New York times bestselling author” ha ha ha.  big wishes. Special thx to Deni Danial Kesa for the pic. -Sangbintang-


5 July

Time elapses, and it can’t turn back…still, there’s something you can’t replace, a presence,… -sangbintang-



10 June

Sometimes we forget and missed to see people who really care about us, who take care of us and sacrifice their life, their time, everything for us to reach what we have now. Thought they will always be by our side forever. They don’t. They leave us as we leave them,..because endings,… are inevitable,… –Graduation time- -Sangbintang-

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