[thought] a timeline -part 2 (final)-

Inspired by timeline review on FB, I came up with such idea, why don’t I share some status which is really meaningful for me over the year, 2013. Maybe, it can inspire you too :). It’s more than just a word, it’s a feeling captured from time to time. Oh ya, please feel free to give me feedback for English as well as the content.


29 May

If you see someone’s life is too perfect, you should take a look more closely to see their deepest pain, and since “the distance” keep them away by living in ‘completely different world’…, so that everyone wont be easy to know or…understand… -Sangbintang-


22 May

My friend once told me, it isn’t about how much the time you spend together with, it’s about the moment….no matter how often you’re by their side, some hearts just leave closed no matter how hard we knock… So true…, isn’t it..? -Sangbintang-

15 May

If you’d like to know how much you mean for someone, see how they appreciate small things you do, treasure small things you give, how they stand for you when you need and how your presence means to them. If they do it sincerely, you’re the person they treasure wholeheartedly, person who has big presence in their life. well, just my small opinion though -Sangbintang-


6 May

“Most people come up against a wall, they give up. Not you. You don’t let go. You don’t back down. That’s what makes you extraordinary.” From my fav series, Castle for Beckett 

20 April

Sometimes, we need someone who help us to grow up, find the meaning and lessons from life we have, those whom we’re comfortable to show our true self, accept who we were, and teach us to be more honest to accept who we really are. It might be anyone you won’t ever expect before. The matter is, would you give a chance to seek them and take their hand once they give it? Or… walk away without notice that the precious one is right in front of your eyes. Right beside you the whole time…. Well, just some thought which reminds me to treasure what I have more and be grateful even for what I don’t have, now…-Sangbintang-

29 March

We can’t change the past to change our future. The past gave us memories, but the present gives the chances….--Sangbintang-


22 March

I always believe that being an outstanding youth is not only about your achievements, but more than that, it’s about your contribution to make things better, giving value to others. You grow, also help other to grow, to Keep living, keep on dreaming. Keep dare to be different. -NTUST Outstanding Youth Award 2013 –-Sangbintang-


all credit for Hadzik Fabroyir


all credit for 茉莉 (Yasmin)

18 March

An amazing experience to be a presenter and performer for Rantak dance from west Sumatra, Indonesia in Indonesian Culture Exhibition 2013, Taipei, Taiwan -Sangbintang-

11 March

If your experiences can change the way you live your life, means you’re good enough to see lessons from those experiences. But if your life even can inspire others and change the way they live their life, that what I call truly amazing. Just my opinion though. -Sangbintang-

11 February

No one can give you your honor… It’s sometin u earn for yourself by choosing to do what’s right…-Sangbintang-


4 February

Yes…It’s a great longing to have many friends around; lonely when you have none, little for you to share, but precious if you have one. Even so… It feels like all your heart is torn up when those you might think are ur friends just walked away and don’t even treasure you as you always do or you think that they do.

Yes…. it’s really hurt when somebody hates you, talking something bad and not true about you, or do things that definitely will make you devastated, but it’s even more hurt if the one who do it is someone whom you really trust, you rely on…

So…what else you can do?… Desperate to change it by scream “what did I do? What did I do? What is my fault? What is my fault?? It’s not fair, it’s not fair”, Or even take “revenge” by doing the same?. I think it’ll just hurt your dignity and make our self even lower….Sometimes… all we can do is just face it…, go with it…… just leave by detachment…and then move on… -Sangbintang-


9 January

It isn’t always easy when you’re trying something new in your life. Even though it might be your interest or passion, still, you need to give yourself time to learn how to master it.  Maybe… one of the reasons why we keep disappointing while trying is just a matter of time  so… give a chance, dont give up. Things will work eventually, it’s up to you…-Sangbintang-


7 January

I still remember that a beautiful girl who has high curiosity asked me to share how to wear jilbab. first, I was a bit worry that people might think that I do some preaching yet I didn’t intend to do so. but, since people in this TM club are so open mind…later on, surprisingly, it was set up as a variety session on YWCA TM club. it was wonderful meeting in YWCA Toastmaster yesterday night.

I was so amazed that people here are so open mind and willing to get to know new things and new culture. we were together, learning how to wear jilbab and also discuss about some simple question that might be some people reluctant to do so. It doesn’t mean you have to become muslim to know that. We cannot insist someone to change what they believe yet, in fact, it’s actually something that we should respect to each other. that’s why that time, we were just learning new things together and no preaching.

I’m really honor to share what i know with YWCA Toastmaster Club members and their guests that time, though just a little. wish to have another chance to meet and share with all of you again  thank you for Candance Bran to bring this all up. – Sangbintang-

12 January

My best friend told me this to cheer me up….

“some people hate you coz you better in some aspect than them,,,some people feel your existence coz you’d inspired them,,some people love you coz you are a good friend,,some people thank to you coz you are helpful and kind,,,some people ignore you coz for them maybe you are nothing,,,some people talk about you coz you are the best on some aspect,,,,some people walk away from you coz maybe you did something wrong in their view,,,,,but don’t go down…you’re not alone…give a time to be more grateful. c’est la vie,,that’s a life” thank you… for this amazing words,… -Sangbintang-


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