2013 in review

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The concert hall at the Sydney Opera House holds 2,700 people. This blog was viewed about 11,000 times in 2013. If it were a concert at Sydney Opera House, it would take about 4 sold-out performances for that many people to see it.

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[story] adventures in russia-Part 4: the platskartny-hallo Omsk!

5. Be a platskartny (3rd class) passenger

lovely kids I met at platskartny

By being a platskartny, or sometimes also called zhyostky (‘hard class’) become unforgettable moment for me to meet ordinary Russian. At the train I met three children who accompanied me during my journey.Their mother really takes care of me, though she isn’t smile a lot but I can feel that she’s care.  Honestly I don’t remember their names, kinda hard for me to remember it at first. But I remember one of the little girls from another platskartny accompanied me, the one who really close to me that time. Her name is Anita. Won’t ever forget this little girl, I like her very much. Continue reading


[story] adventures in russia-Part 3: The journey to reach Omsk

4. Finding the Right Train

Waiting Room at Novosibirsk Railway Station

I realize the path I took to the Omsk was a bit dangerous, especially when you are not able to communicate with others, no sign in English you can follow, and rarely, you find someone who can help you. This was happened to me when I was trying to seek help in Novosibirsk train station. As I don’t know how to read my ticket and where I should go to reach the Peron, I asked an old officer lady many times, and she was keep speaking in Russia a bit angry I guess because I didn’t understand at all what she was talking about and I was keep asking and asking. So I stopped and went back to the waiting room. Continue reading


[story] adventures in russia-Part 2: Unpredictable situations, take a high risk

3. Unpredictable situations, take a high risk


After I landed at Novosibirsk, Russia, the first thing pop up in my mind was I needed to change my money to ruble right away and took a bus into the Omsk rail station. It was a bit hard to find signs in English here, even in the airport also a bit hard to seek for help since many people don’t speak English. But after a moment, somehow I could found the only one money changer in the airport. And you know what, I can’t change my money! Not even one dollar. Aaaaarrrhh!. They only serve dollar or euro to be changed into rubble. Continue reading


[HW] My life in past five years

Another HW given by Mel.

My life in past five years

Many things have happened in my life in the past few years. Some things about me are different some remain the same. One thing that has remained the same is my interest in Journalism. I still write articles and notes on my blog or facebook at least once a month and attend events related to literature and art as well. It really helps me to relieve my stress, encourages me to be a better person and gives me opportunities to learn together with others. Continue reading


[opini] Sebuah pertanyaan

Saat kita menjalani sebuah kehidupan dengan lingkungan yang baru dan juga suasana yang baru, maka perlahan-lahan kita akan merasakan sebuah perubahan. Perubahan yang pertama kali terjadi adalah sebuah penyesuaian diri dengan kondisi yang ada. Terlepas dari perubahan itu dilewati dengan bersusah payah atau memang dinikmati sebagai sebuah tantangan hidup. Penyesuaian ini jugalah yang harus saya jalani ketika pertama kali memasuki dunia kerja tepat dua minggu setelah wisuda.

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[curhat] huuumft….

emptiness1akhir akhir ini, entah kenapa aku berurusan dengan banyak perasaan kesal, sedih , marah, kecewa, dan juga hilangnyamakna sebuah kepercayaann, entah itu yang aku alami sendiri atau yang oranglain lakukan kepadaku. entah kenapa, Aku juga  tidak bisa menyelesaikannya dengan “baik”. seolah permintaan maaf adalah sesuatu yang terasa tidak bermakna lagi. begitu mudah di ucapkan. begitu mudah dilupakan dan juga diulangi lagi. Hingga tiba saat ini dimana aku merasa sangat hampa. rasanya bingung, karena lingkungan tempatku berinteraksi, kian hari kian sempit saja. Baru baru ini aku “kehilangan” salah satu rumah keduaku karena prilaku kekanak kanakan orang yang aku ceritakan disini.

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